About Us

We have helped 100s of clients from a vast range of organisations and backgrounds.

We’ve supported people in securing new roles, developing their careers and finding the fulfilment they’ve been seeking. We’ve also helped businesses and third sector organisations transform into the kind of employers people love working for. We are passionate about helping everyone we work with maximise their potential.

People are critical to the success of any organisation, an unhappy or unmotivated workforce often leads to under-performing staff, low productivity and less growth. But there are no limits to what a happy, fulfilled workforce can achieve. Our services bridge that gap and ensure that our clients have the right strategy and employ the right people with the right skills in the right jobs.

We use a range of modern diagnostic tools (including Lumina Learning) to help us assess staff-related issues and work out how we can best help. Then we design a bespoke programme for each client, based on years of combined experience of working in human resources and organisational development.

We are all about finding the right solution for each client. We don’t believe that one size fits all.

As well as being the only Lumina Learning practitioners in the East Midlands, we are also proud of our approach, we don’t just leave you to it, we work with you, offering coaching and support, to ensure that everyone involved is engaged with the process and that the changes you make will be successful and long-lasting.

To talk to us about how we can help you or your organisation please  email Penny@pennystrutton.co.uk

Penny Strutton - Managing Director

Penny is passionate about helping people thrive at work and supporting employers to get the most from their staff. With over 15 years’ experience in leadership, organisational and service development roles, Penny set up Penny Strutton Ltd so that she could focus on helping people reach their potential through coaching, training and consultation.

Penny attained a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching in 2011, has a degree in Organisational Psychology from Rhodes University and is a certified Lumina Learning Practitioner. She is also a co-founder of the East Midlands HR network, and loves supporting the HR industry and coaching HR Directors.

Since 2011, Penny has helped 100s of happy clients many of whom come back for help and support as they progress in their careers or as their organisation transforms, she is known for her no-nonsense approach, her supportive nature and her ability to inspire confidence in everyone she works with. Penny lives in Nottingham with her husband, two children and Polly the beloved Westiepoo.

To contact Penny please email penny@pennystrutton.co.uk

The Team

We work with a number of highly qualified Associates who are specialists in their own fields and bring a vast range of skills and experience to specific projects when required.

About Lumina Learning

Lumina Learning is the next generation of psychometric profiling and is one of the diagnostic tools we use to analyse and understand people’s behaviours and interactions. Unlike other tools, it’s based on a dynamic model of human behaviour so we are able to assess people’s actions in different contexts and environments, rather than viewing it as a constant.

Applied Learning

We have found Lumina tools useful when working with individuals and teams, importantly it provides a common language to help people understand each other better. It can also be applied to show the impact of behaviours on culture, sales and performance.

To have an initial conversation about working with us please call Penny on 0115 8800 098 or email us at penny@pennystrutton.co.uk


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