Cultural Transformation

If asked “how are things done around here?” would you get a consistent answer from all of your employees? If the answer is no, or not the response you wanted to hear, then it’s time to review your company culture and  to identify and refine its personality.

Your company culture is what sets you apart from the competition. It is defined by your values, your mission, vision and how your employees behave. It determines what your customers experience and can bring together an engaged and motivated workforce.

Research tells us that all too often organisations grow organically, through mergers and acquisitions, without giving any serious thought to the cultural integration of their people, their most valuable assets. At Penny Strutton we can help you define that aspirational culture, your “blueprint” or “USP”. We can also help you identify a strategy to embed new behaviours, reinforce appropriate existing behaviours and eliminate those behaviours that conflict with your vision.

We know that change doesn’t come easily to everyone and that people can react in very different ways, but ensure we take a systematic approach to engage, support and reward all employees through the process.

We also know that nothing will change unless the leadership team are on board, so will conduct a feasibility study to assess buy-in, the willingness and ability to engage all of those in leadership roles who have an important role to play in embedding change.

Our Approach:

  • Visioning: we conduct a consultation with the leadership team to establish their aspirational culture –  values, mission and vision and the behaviours and attitudes that are required to achieve this.
  • Benchmarking: We conduct a series of interviews, questionnaires and observations to gauge the current culture. Here we gain feedback and ideas from the workforce to help create achievable change that gains staff buy-in and meets your objective.
  • People Systems Review: We review people systems and processes and identify areas for development  this includes performance management, decision making, reward and recognition and internal communication
  • Strategy: We identify the behaviours that currently need addressing and where new behaviours can be embedded, we create an implementation plan for you and can support you  in its delivery
  • Implementation: We facilitate working groups and individual coaching sessions to work with managers and teams to manage the change process and engagement.
  • We pride ourselves in operating a bespoke service and create a programme that meets your requirements and of course budget.

Every company is different so all of our services are tailored and designed around you and your business.

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