Diversity and Inclusion

There are many buzzwords associated with diversity. Often organisations start with looking at specific elements such as cultural diversity or gender, and may not even have heard about inclusion.

Achieving a diverse workforce that benefits the business goes above and beyond the focus on one or more minority group. To truly realise the business benefits, organisations need to build and maintain an inclusive culture that enables diversity to be expressed, explored and experienced from everyone across the organisation.

We work with many businesses from FTSE 100 companies to voluntary organisations, who’s HR managers all share similar D&I pains: “Okay, we get it, we need diversity in the workplace- but how do we achieve results?” or “We recruit for diversity but our minority groups are leaving the business”.

There are many approaches to solving these problems but often internal barriers are met with board members being unable to see the business case to invest time and resource. We have identified five different focus areas that all need to be addressed and integrated for a diverse and inclusive strategy to be achieved.

How we can Help you with your D&I Strategy

What we cover

  • Diversity & Inclusion Audit
  • Developing the business case
  • Culture audit and visioning
  • D&I strategy development
  • Support in implementation and troubleshooting
  • Evaluation

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Cultural Diversity is not the only Diversity Needed for Success

There are untold business benefits to integrating D&I into your everyday culture; better representation of your customer’s needs, improved innovation through diverse experience and opinion, better recruitment and reduction in employee turnover – to name a few.

To achieve this, you must create an environment where employees feel safe to be themselves, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual preferences, disability or age. A safe environment starts from the top down and getting leadership buy in is crucial for any D&I initiative.

“Penny’s enthusiasm for Diversity and Inclusion is infectious! It’s crystal clear to see this is Penny’s passion, and is helping businesses realise the possibilities that taking this subject seriously can bring.”

Claire Jamieson, Diversity Manager – Eon

“I’ve worked with Penny on events designed to raise awareness of how to build sustainable, diverse teams. She demonstrates strong facilitation skills, engaging style, clear articulation of outcomes & builds connections and relationships well.”

Ben Ashe, Communications & Engagement Manager – HSBC

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