Most of us have at one time or another felt dissatisfied at work.

It begins with clock-watching on a Friday or not volunteering to take on more duties. You start finding it difficult to motivate yourself and your team and your performance may suffer. After a while you find yourself feeling frustrated and thinking about moving on.

We work with senior level executives and business leaders who recognise that there’s an issue at work but aren’t necessarily sure how to tackle it, they often have a general feeling of frustration, demotivation or dissatisfaction.

If any of this sounds familiar, we can help you too.

We’ll start by analysing your current situation using diagnostic tools, then work out what you want to do and how we can best help you achieve that – whether that’s developing your skills within your current position, finding a new job or switching career.

With many years’ career coaching experience, we’ve designed our services to help you grow in confidence and reach your full potential. We’ll work out a bespoke coaching plan for you, depending on your skills, situation, experience and goals, which may include:

  • Executive coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Psychometric profiling and consultation
  • Re-writing your CV
  • Interview skills training
  • Conducting a personal review
  • Advising on your job search
  • Creating a networking plan
  • Refining your networking skills

If you’d like help developing your skills or making  your next career move please contact us by calling Penny on

0115 8800 098 or email us at


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