Making staff redundant is hard for businesses of any size. Not only do you have to deal with the difficulty of letting people go, you have to boost morale and productivity of retained staff.

Although many small businesses  recognize the benefits of helping  staff in their career transition, many are unable to due to the costs involved. This is why we have compiled a series of outplacement options that can ensure you give your employees the support they need to confidently take their next step.

Being made redundant can be a very daunting time to anybody, regardless of status or salary. However, if managed correctly, redundancy can be the start of new beginnings whether that be finding a job in a great company, making a career change or starting a new business.

Online Outplacement

Penny Strutton Ltd’s online outplacement service overcomes the financial barrier by providing a full start to finish online career coaching programme which starts at just £81 per person.

Outplacement Seminars

If you have a number of employees that are at risk of redundancy, you might consider our seminars. We work with up to 20 people per session on the following subjects, all can be tailored to your needs.

  • Career visioning master-classes
  • CV writing Master-classes
  • Networking and social media master-classes
  • Interview Skills & confidence building

One-one Career Coaching Support

We recognise that where possible, organisations will want to provide bespoke, one-one support for their staff facing redundancy. We have responded to this by providing a six month career coaching programme that is tailored for each individual.

Our programme will include the following aspects:

  1. Strategic planning, identifying constraints, setting action plans
  2. CV writing and Online profile development including essential information on how to use these communication documents to stand out from the crowd
  3. Relationship Development and accessing the hidden job market
  4. Learning how to sell yourself through developing your USP, writing cover letters, speculative letters and completing application forms
  5. Preparing for interview and negotiating the job offer.
  6. To complement the face-face sessions, clients will gain access to the online career coaching tool which can be accessed 24/7

Every company is different so all of our services are tailored and designed around you and your business.

To have an initial conversation about working with us please call Penny on 0115 8800 098 or email us at penny@pennystrutton.co.uk


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