Third Sector

Having worked alongside third sector professionals for a number of years (and having spent several years setting up and establishing a regional branch of a national charity), we understand the unique set of challenges the third sector faces.

We’ve also seen how becoming more commercially-minded has huge benefits for organisations that are trying to balance the competing pressures of funding, staffing and service provision.

You may be aware that there are problems with low motivation, decreased productivity, cultural clashes, skills gaps, high turnover of staff or issues with internal politics but be unsure how to tackle them.

Our tailored support can help you understand why you are experiencing staff-related problems, what effect they are having and, most importantly, help you overcome them.

We create bespoke programmes for clients in line with their goals, then coach and support them through the process to ensure that they are able to make long-lasting changes.

Through our experience and understanding we’re able to provide support in the following ways:

  • Bringing people who are highly driven by values along a new journey with different objectives relating to growth and diversification
  • Helping create “one” culture on the back of service mergers through TUPE
  • Establishing effective structures and engagement surrounding volunteer recruitment and retention
  • Creating and delivering bespoke management and leadership programmes that develop business acumen and assist with the motivation and productivity of the wider organisation

How we work

As Lumina Practitioners, we use the latest psychometric tools to assess and analyse the issues clients are experiencing and use our findings to design bespoke programmes for them.

We have a collaborative approach to transformation and our consultants will work with you to ensure that you’re able to make long-lasting changes and achieve your aims.

To have an initial conversation about working with us please call Penny on 0115 8800 098 or email us at


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