Career Coaching

Our coaching programmes are designed to help you find a career or job which matches your personal requirements and career aspirations.

We recognise that everyone has different needs and different constraints on their budget so in response, we always tailor make a programme based on your personal goals and expectations.

Each programme consists of a series of coaching sessions and would include some, if not all of the stages  below. Everyone is different so the time spent on each section will be dependent on your needs and aspirations.

We want to ensure we understand your needs and that you have a clear brief on how coaching works, what is expected from you and what you can expect from us throughout the programme. We therefore always offer either a 30 minute phone consultation or a face-face meeting in Nottingham, absolutely free of charge.

Personal Support

We recognise what a lonely place job seeking is and how confusing and worrying changing career can be. That’s why we position ourselves as your job-seeking or career change buddy, and provide personal support to all our clients throughout the coaching process. Our success is based on your achievement, we’ll therefore do our very best to help you achieve your goals!

Stage 1: Self Discovery & Confidence Booster

You will be encouraged to reflect on who you are as an individual and what you require from an employer. This will include a strengths, skills and values review as well as gaining an understanding of interests and how they could be integrated into future employment.

Stage 2: Taking Yourself to Market

You will start the process of identifying potential employers that match your requirements in terms of values, interests and career aspirations. Market research will be recorded to review against personal criteria. You will be encouraged to develop your Unique Selling Point and 30 second commercial.

Stage 3: Networking & the Hidden Job Market

You will be encouraged to review your network, and in light of market research, make contact with key people. Techniques for getting known by preferred employers will be reviewed, as will the use of social media.

Stage 4: Adapting CVs, Application forms & Covering letters

Techniques will be reviewed to ensure CVs, covering letters and application forms are relevant to each application and use the right language. If required, you can have a professional CV written as part of your individual programme.

Stage 5: Tackling interview nerves

Based on our highly successful and unique methodology you will gain insight into the interview process and gain valuable skills and experience through mock interviews and desk based preparation. Techniques are also given that can help tackle those interview nerves.

Online Job Seeker Training

All our career coaching clients get full access to the online job seeker training programme and have us available throughout the period of coaching to answer questions and provide advice on techniques and strategies. The programme consists of 6 videos and workbooks.

3 month programme

  • 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions
  • Professional CV & Linked in profile
  • Psychometric profile
  • Network analysis & strategy development
  • Support with networking letters, cover letters and applications
  • Interview skills
  • Access to the online coaching programme
  • Email and phone support throughout the 3 months

Personal Outcomes

  • Boosted confidence with greater self-awareness
  • Understanding of the job seeking or career change process
  • Professional set of self-promotional tools
  • Experience of networking, making applications & tapping into the hidden job market
  • Better equipped to perform successfully at interview
  • Greater chance of finding the job or career of your dreams!

Everybody is different so all of our services are tailored and designed around your needs.

To have an initial conversation about working with us please call Penny on 0115 8800 098 or email us at


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