Leadership Development

Each individual has a responsibility to take their organisation forward, but they cannot do it alone. Working effectively as a leadership team is the foundation of any successful organisation.

We understand and have direct experience of the pressure leadership teams face to deliver with limited time and resource and with  ever increasing expectations. We also recognise how challenging it can be to find the time to prioritise behavioural change. But we have seen first-hand the positive impact on productivity and team morale  when leaders pull together to acknowledge the strengths, fill the gaps, agree consistent approaches and learn together how to deal positively with conflicting situations.

At Penny Strutton Ltd we follow some simple steps to take your leadership team on an effective developmental journey, relevant to you, your organisational context and goals. Through utilising Lumina Spark personality questionnaire, or the Lumina Leader 360, we ensure everyone has the insight into their own and team members’ personality required to undergo necessary behavioural change. We always adopt a positive but challenging approach ensuring everyone feels valued and respected, but encouraged to reflect on areas for development

  • Step one: We meet with you to gain an understanding of the full extent of the issues faced, the organisational objectives, context and expected outcomes. We then tailor-make a programme bespoke to your organisational needs.
  • Step two: We invite each individual to complete a Lumina Learning psychometric questionnaire. This produces a comprehensive report which explores the team make-up and behaviours. The report can be utilised over the long term, providing information for individual and team development.
  • Step three: We conduct a one-day team consultation where we introduce individuals to the Lumina trait based model and provide individual reports to work through in a group environment. Here we start to map out required behaviours and identify critical gaps that may be negatively impacting on productivity. We ensure that the team collectively and individually has a set of actions to address over an agreed time period.
  • Step four: We meet with each team member and conduct a thorough consultation on their psychometric profile. We coach each individual on areas for development both to improve individual performance and team effectiveness.
  • Step five: We go on to deliver a series of team days dependent on organisational need where focus on areas such as communication, decision making or innovation is given. These are tailored to meet the needs identified and your requirements as the client.

How we work

The combination of the Lumina Learning methodology, our coaching expertise and experience in transforming behaviour means your team will be best placed for achieving long lasting outcomes.

We don’t operate a “quick fix” approach as we know behaviour doesn’t change overnight. We recommend a minimum of six months when undertaking a leadership development programme, with time dedicated to programme activities scheduled well in advance.

Every company is different so all of our services are tailored and designed around you and your business.

To have an initial conversation about working with us please call Penny on 0115 8800 098 or email us at penny@pennystrutton.co.uk


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