The HR Coach

We recognise the importance of looking after number one, but being involved in HR often means the focus is on everyone else but you!

Having the right support is just important for you as it is for others. That is why we spend a lot of our time coaching HR professionals.

We can help you:

  • Enhance the impact you make in your role,
  • Help bridge the gap between HR and business strategy,
  • Develop confidence and purpose from both a personal approach and the wider HR function
  • Plus develop skills required to progress in your career

Why this is important

We are passionate about helping HR transition into being an integral part of business strategy, productivity and profitability. Gone are the days when HR simply services managers and provides a transactional service. With the requirement to integrate and optimise talent management strategically, recruit and retain the essential skills for growth, and plan effectively for the future – enabling change to happen on a whim, means HR has to step up and sit alongside those making critical decisions for the future of the business. We can help you achieve this through our bespoke approach to coaching and mentoring, already being experienced by HR Professionals.

“Penny has enabled me to focus on building relationships, assessing what impact and outcomes I provide, as well as challenging me to consider alternative options in my business environment. Her extensive experience with HR professionals – the way we think, the way we operate and her ability to think outside the box, all raise my level of thinking about issues in every session.

I thoroughly recommend Penny to anyone who requires executive coaching.” Tamara Pattman-Wilson, Head of HR, IKANO Bank UK 

Penny Strutton is one of the founding partners and director of the East Midlands HR Network. For more information visit

Everybody is different so all of our services are tailored and designed around you and your business.

To have an initial conversation about working with us please call Penny on 0115 8800 098 or email us at


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